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  1. Everyone tells me I am being troglodytic and / or selfish.
  2. Ditto the tiresome attempts to paint Republican Mitt Romney as a troglodytic right-winger.
  3. Granted, I am inclined to encounter such things because I harbor hostile, troglodytic notions about the computer culture.
  4. The nasty troglodytic Morlocks will still be pursuing their prey, the gentle Eloi, in the year 802, 701.
  5. The original drummer for eX-Girl, she had a troglodytic sound due playing a stand-up kit setup.
  6. It is remarkable in that parts of it are actually built into the rock ( " semi-troglodytic " ).
  7. Just then Perry and Melbourne are kidnapped by a dangerous gang of troglodytic rats . "'( Storyteller ) "'
  8. The semi-troglodytic castle is built on a sandstone table, separated from the crest of the hill by a ditch dug into the bare rock.
  9. Upon returning five years later, the crew discovers that the small, intelligent creatures have been overrun and destroyed by the troglodytic " Dumb-locks ."
  10. On the middle and lower floors were located the common buildings and dependences made of wood-traces of anchorings remain in the rocks-and troglodytic rooms.

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