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  1. The rock is an uncommon mafic igneous rock known as a troctolite.
  2. It consists of one to three meter thick pegmatitic peridotite and troctolite with disseminated sulfide minerals.
  3. As Troctolite 76535 is the oldest known unshocked lunar rock, it has been used for core dynamo.
  4. Troctolite 76535 is a coarse-grained plutonic rock that is believed to have had a slow cooling history.
  5. Troctolite is also found in the Merensky Reef of the Bushveld Igneous Complex, South Africa and in the Lizard complex in Cornwall.
  6. "' Troctolite 76535 "'is a lunar sample discovered and collected on the Apollo 17 mission in 1972 in the Taurus Littrow valley.
  7. The measured pressure at the landing site was 91 atm and the temperature was 736 K . The surface sample was found to be an anorthosite-troctolite.
  8. Serpentinite and troctolite, the precise age of which is uncertain, occur at the Black Dog Rock north of Aberdeen, at Belhelvie and near Old Meldrum.
  9. While on the Moon's surface, Schmitt  the only geologist in the astronaut corps  collected the rock sample designated Troctolite 76535, which has been called " without doubt the most interesting sample returned from the Moon ".
  10. The measured pressure at the landing site was 91 K . The surface sample was found to be an anorthosite-troctolite rock, rarely found on Earth, but present in the lunar highlands, leading to the conclusion that the area was probably the oldest explored by any Venera vehicle.

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