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  1. He makes most of the rest of them look like troglodytes.
  2. The two are self-centered, mindless, negligent troglodytes.
  3. Post-sensitive hunks and fraternity troglodytes look on with concern.
  4. I'm sort of a troglodyte media person,"
  5. Troglodyte's music is extreme death metal featuring melodic breakdowns.
  6. Not for nothing did I describe myself as a musical troglodyte!
  7. The troglodyte then enters the scene and engages the Smilodon in combat.
  8. It was an eye-opener for this artistic troglodyte.
  9. Troglodyte released their demo cd'Anthropoid Effigy Demos'in 2008.
  10. That, and perhaps a commitment to keep a troglodyte on your side.

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