throat swab meaning in Hindi

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• कंठ फाहा
throat:    कंठ कंठनाली कण्ठ
swab:    पट्टी फाहा अफ़सर
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  1. An example is the microbiological throat swab used in patients with a sore throat.
  2. The vaccine was developed from a throat swab of an infected patient taken April 3.
  3. Both tests are designed to detect the virus's genetic sequence in throat swabs, saliva and fecal samples.
  4. Throat swab and antiviral drugs were prescribed.
  5. This method gives a larger sample than a throat swab and may make the culture more reliable.
  6. Parents will keep health diaries, and researchers will collect throat swabs from children who get the bug.
  7. A throat swab is wiped from an exposed area inside the throat, through which you are constantly breathing.
  8. A throat swab is not sensitive, but is 100 % specific if positive, and compares favourably with sputum culture.
  9. Microbial culture from a throat swab is a reliable and affordable alternative to an RST which has high sensitivity and specificity.
  10. will anaerobic bateria show up on a throat swab culture ?  Preceding talk ) 01 : 52, 11 March 2012 ( UTC)
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