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  1. And now there is the shithead mail and VM and Molobo at K�nigsberg.
  2. If these rules are used, the game will be almost identical to Shithead.
  3. Players may adapt this so that the shithead is also required to fulfill a forfeit.
  4. Joey Shithead, was the singer, Brian Roy Goble, a . k . a.
  5. It's the vigilantees, shitheads, and police that I'm concerned with.
  6. The loser, known as " The Shithead " is the last player left in the game.
  7. Under most rules the shithead's only role is to deal the next set of cards.
  8. The LP was produced by Joey Shithead, vocalist of a Canadian band D . O . A ..
  9. If I'm an admin and I block somebody, he may very well call me a shithead.
  10. In his biography by Walter Isaacson, Jobs, very unkindly, called Raskin " a shithead who sucks ."
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