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  1. Captains and shipowners sometimes cover up attacks to protect their reputations.
  2. Shipowners scramble to re-route their leviathans to other ports.
  3. It also demands that shipowners stop hiring cheaper foreign crew members.
  4. It also wants shipowners to stop hiring cheaper foreign crew members.
  5. Int'l Shipowners Visits RP for STCW Update, BUSINESS DAILY
  6. The shipowner's office declined to release the guest list.
  7. He worked as a merchant, shipowner, exporter and importer.
  8. Merchants and shipowners put down roots here; a marketplace arose.
  9. Skuld also provides shipowners and charterers with additional types of cover.
  10. He was born in Cornwall, Ontario and became a shipowner.
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  1. someone who owns a ship or a share in a ship

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