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  1. As a limitation on the action, estoppel blocks its vindicatory function.
  2. On the facts, Markom was theoretically entitled to recover the property in vindicatory proceedings.
  3. At this point he issued a " Vindicatory Document ", providing chapter and verse of what he had been taught.
  4. If, for example, the goods are stolen and found in possession of a third party ( not the thief ), the seller must cede his vindicatory rights to the buyer.
  5. This may be illustrated by means of a few examples such as personal claims of Mr Bryant based on a marriage settlement, a claim to recover a will, a vindicatory action to recover his private assets etc.
  6. In a subtle moment of vindicatory humor on " The Simpsons " several years ago, the cartoon family was in a graveyard, walking past headstones inscribed with names like " Fish Police " and " Capitol Critters ."
  7. If there were any suspicion that the opposition to him was quite other than political, it would be set at rest by the testimony of Dr Andrew Brown, who went from Scotland to inquire into Sydenham's practice and has incidentally revealed what was commonly thought of it at the time, in his Vindicatory Schedule concerning the " New Cure of Fevers ".
  8. *I'd feel better if this sentence had a reference : " Williams's last completed book, Truth And Truthfulness : An Essay In Genealogy ( 2002 ), attempts to defend a non-foundationalist attachment to the values of truth, which Williams identifies as accuracy and sincerity, by giving a vindicatory naturalistic genealogy of them . " talk ) 15 : 46, 18 July 2009 ( UTC)
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