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  1. In electronics, the vinculum is used to notate complementary signals.
  2. A vinculum is also found in insects'male genitalia.
  3. Every site says that there is no specific name but is a vinculum.
  4. where, in the second line, a vinculum marks the repeating block.
  5. The usual symbol of grouping is a bar ( called vinculum ) over the radicand.
  6. The vinculum was used extensively, usually as an overline, but Chuquet in 1484 used the underline version.
  7. Once at the debris field, they find the vinculum, still active, and beam it aboard for inspection.
  8. And ` Vinculum 1 " ( 1969 ) was estimated at $ 400, 000 to $ 600, 000.
  9. The vinculum is used as part of the notation of a radical to indicate the radicand whose root is being indicated.
  10. In the following, the quantity ab + 2 is the whole radicand, and thus has a vinculum over it:
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