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  1. For months, bulls have run untrammelled on Wall Street.
  2. His powers to pass legislation are not, as he implies, untrammelled.
  3. Plot is everywhere negligible, and atmosphere reigns untrammelled.
  4. In Berlin's words, the college would be'new, untrammelled and unpyramided '.
  5. It only requires that it be run as root, because it needs untrammelled access to memory.
  6. The best defense of literary freedoms lies in their exercise, in continuing to make untrammelled, uncowed books.
  7. Its foundation was the desire for self-knowledge and truth, untrammelled by the rigid bonds of any particular system.
  8. He had a passion for freedom, and his whole career was inspired by the desire that men should have the fullest opportunity for untrammelled development.
  9. But most are better described as unilateralists : people who believe that one of the perquisites of power is untrammelled freedom of action on the world scene.
  10. No agreement was reached and, when the commission reported in June 1919, it offered four separate approaches ranging from full nationalisation to untrammelled private ownership.
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