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  1. Furthermore, each is given tariff points towards the UCAS system.
  2. With UCA, the specks are lighter and 3x more numerous.
  3. Hardin took the reins at UCA on September 23, 2002.
  4. Thomas Courtway was appointed the 10th President of UCA in 2012.
  5. The new UCAS Tariff points are based on a different methodology.
  6. UCAS boasts a galaxy of pioneering scientists with lots of achievements.
  7. Crane was still studying crabs, in particular the genus Uca.
  8. The invertebrate in question is an Australian fiddler crab, Uca mjoebergi.
  9. And for 2017 entry UCAS lists 20 providers of liberal arts programmes.
  10. Another standard edition became available on December 10, 2007 via Uca.
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