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  1. Ultimately, DVDs will be distributed as ubiquitously as paperback books.
  2. They appear ubiquitously in the Marine Corps, particularly on signage.
  3. Soy sauce replaces the fermented fish sauce used ubiquitously in southern dishes.
  4. In late June and early July, lupines bloom gloriously and ubiquitously.
  5. It is ubiquitously expressed in all tissues in multicellular organisms.
  6. The protein encoded by this gene is a ubiquitously expressed nuclear protein.
  7. CALU mRNA is ubiquitously expressed in human tissues and maps to 7q32.
  8. It is ubiquitously expressed in many tissues and cell types.
  9. In eukaryotes, cyclophilins localize ubiquitously to many cell and tissue types.
  10. FAM83H is ubiquitously expressed throughout the human body at relatively low levels.
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