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  1. The best known storage protein in wheat is the prolamin gliadin, a component of gluten.
  2. Ironically, seed storage proteins of grasses and cereals belong to the eponymous prolamin superfamily which also includes plant albumins ( 2S ).
  3. Along with gliadin ( the prolamin gluten found in wheat ), hordein is present in many foods and also may be found in beer.
  4. The RCL of several serpins from wheat grain and rye contain poly-Q repeat sequences similar to those present in the prolamin storage proteins of the endosperm.
  5. The response to the 33mer occurs in most coeliacs who have ongoing controversy on the ability of avenin ( the prolamin found in oats ) to induce this response in coeliac disease.
  6. On the other hand, some studies claim sorghum's prolamin fraction was extremely poor in lysine, arginine, histidine and tryptophan and contained high amounts of proline, glutamic acid and leucine.
  7. Prolamin seed storage proteins so characteristic of cereals and grasses is not considered very nutritious because of its high content of the amino acid proline which it shares with gelatin and its low content of lysine, a vital amino acid.
  8. He established 4 classes of proteins : water-soluble albumins; salt soluble globulins : vicilin typically having sedimentation coefficients, S values ( a measure of the protein mass determined by sedimentation equilibrium ultracentrifugation ) of about 7 Svedberg units ( hence the common name 7S globulin ) and legumin ( 11S ); alcohol / water-soluble cereal prolamines; and a fourth class, glutelins, of difficultly soluble proteins no longer recognized and now considered low solubility prolamin or globulin storage proteins.
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