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  1. The simplest known circadian clock is that of the prokaryotic cyanobacteria.
  2. Prokaryotic ABC exporters are abundant and have close homologues in eukaryotes.
  3. The structure of the prokaryotic homolog of STT3 has been solved.
  4. In order to be expressed, genes require a prokaryotic promoters.
  5. Prokaryotic and eukaryotic pectinesterases share a few regions of sequence similarity.
  6. Segregation of chromosomes is another difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.
  7. By contrast, the prokaryotic versions often use a nickel ion.
  8. Microalgae are algae, which are eukaryotic while cynobacteria are prokaryotic.
  9. Prokaryotic chromosomes and plasmids are, like eukaryotic DNA, generally replication.
  10. He has shown the importance of horizontal gene transfer in prokaryotic evolution.
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