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  1. He is a member of the Projet Montr�al municipal political party.
  2. He helped to form the municipal party Projet Montr�al in 2004.
  3. Popeanu has served as the president of Projet Montr�al since 2006.
  4. Projet Montreal is a municipal political party, founded in November 2004.
  5. Projet Montreal became the official opposition against Denis Coderre's team.
  6. Son projet est accueilli favorablement par les Ponts et chauss�es.
  7. Le projet qu il soumet ?Lausanne en 1837 remporte le premier prix.
  8. His former city council seat was won by Peter McQueen of Projet Montr�al.
  9. Malgr?les supplications de son mari, elle mit ce projet ?ex�cution.
  10. She left Tremblay's party to join Projet Montr�al in April 2009.
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