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  1. There are useless expenditures of public money, overtaxation and improper contracting.
  2. That left Oklahoma as a " pocket of overtaxation,"
  3. The campaign highlights the problems of overtaxation, overregulation, and lack of access to capital.
  4. Generally, he is viewed as a right wing Conservative, he has repeatedly called all Government surpluses overtaxation.
  5. Later opponents of taxation described the early Han as a prosperous period and lamented what they saw as overtaxation.
  6. Although the rebellion is portrayed by many historians as a religious uprising, that ignores the issues of discontent from famine and overtaxation.
  7. Conservative scholars and policymakers often attribute the prevalence of inequality and working poverty to overregulation and overtaxation, which they claim constricts job growth.
  8. When the man pointed out that the state had a massive budget surplus, Ventura launched a lecture : Budget surpluses are created by overtaxation, he said.
  9. In the mid-1630s, the peasants of the Shimabara Peninsula and Amakusa, dissatisfied with overtaxation and suffering from the effects of famine, revolted against their lords.
  10. In 1926 an Irish government made a claim for ?00 million in respect of past overtaxation, amongst others, but this was not mentioned when the dispute was settled in 1938.
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