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  1. Between extermination and fighting, I would advise them to resist.
  2. Some builders have their own security, landscaping or extermination staffs.
  3. The last large rat extermination program in Bucharest was in 1956.
  4. But the city's government is planning their slow extermination.
  5. Most of these were sent to Belzec extermination camp and killed.
  6. In 1965 Hall convinced federal agencies to cease their extermination polices.
  7. The Nazis themselves distinguished between concentration camps and the extermination camps.
  8. He was the first Commandant of BeB | ec extermination camp.
  9. They were afterward deported to the BeB | ec extermination camp.
  10. He was murdered by the Germans in the Treblinka extermination camp.
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