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  1. Butterfingers that I am, I could not afford an error.
  2. This time, Florida ( 2-1 ) had butterfingers.
  3. They cannot be selfish to ask me to play Butterfingers again.
  4. But surprisingly, the invisible hand often turns out to have butterfingers.
  5. BoSox butterfingers _ hello, Eddie Bressoud _ continued in the second.
  6. Greenpeace last week said it discovered unlabeled Butterfingers in Munich gas stations.
  7. The album went on to earn Butterfingers their first Double Platinum Award.
  8. He liked Butterfingers, Devil Dogs and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
  9. Right after Mueller's third error, the butterfingers officially became contagious.
  10. Madison Romig, 9, hopes to see some Butterfingers in her bag.
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