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  1. The government requires butter to be at least 80 percent butterfat.
  2. 4 ounces Plugra or Echire butter or other high-butterfat butter
  3. Rich in butterfat, they effortlessly enhance and enrich other ingredients.
  4. No subsidies have been paid since mid-1995 for butterfat exports.
  5. The way Americans have come to think of superrich butterfat ice cream.
  6. "It's got a higher butterfat content ."
  7. Chefs have long known the advantage of butter with high butterfat content.
  8. It has a lower butterfat content than regular ice cream.
  9. In addition, La Mancha milk also has a higher butterfat content.
  10. Margarine made from hydrogenated soybean oil began to replace butterfat.
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