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  1. Shake hands with the wrong person and blimp out?
  2. Then if he blimps out at any time during the contract, the Sox should have a built-in " out " clause.
  3. "Look, I'm not the one who flew the ( bleeping ) blimp out there, " he says, somewhat defensively.
  4. In 1958, I was the only reporter aboard a Navy blimp out of East Weymouth, Massachusetts, that tracked the nuclear sub Nautilus on its voyage underneath the North Pole.
  5. That's when Episode 2 of " King " drops back and punts, trying to generate laughs by having rotund Doug worry incessantly over whether a slender Carrie is gaining weight and will eventually blimp out.
  6. Only a chance of showers were predicted for last night, and that shouldn't keep the blimps out of the air over Carmel Bay when the tournament goes national this afternoon with the Tiger Woods-Bill Murray television show.
  7. Because so many men were away during World War II, Binns was admitted to the Stanford Law School, and completed one year before marrying Robert L . Fletcher, who was soon assigned to fly anti-aircraft blimps out of Lakehurst, New Jersey.
  8. But the declassified reports detailing what happened after the Merrills'sighting show that that was clearly the case; that and the fact that a firefight between that submarine and a Navy blimp out of South Weymouth, Mass ., the K14, may have ensued.
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