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  1. SPAs devoted to bigging up, an idiosyncratic theory that has been largely rejected by courts.
  2. Yet another SPA concerned solely with bigging up Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati . . . 4l 08 : 57, 26 November 2014 ( UTC)
  3. Your template idea still spells trouble though, editors may well view a template not as quick shorthand but as " bigging-up " your site.
  4. If it is so influential where is the critisism ? it strikes me that this article has been written by supporters of the CDA itself as a means of bigging itself up.
  5. The name Newbiggin derived from the words'niwe', which is Old English for'new'and'bigging', a word from Middle English, said to mean'building '.
  6. For me, it was a blessing that he was co-signing me and bigging me up, because I m still gonna do what I m gonna do anyway, " he continued . " I m just blessed to have them man supporting.
  7. More puppetry in the same vein as his previous vanity / fantasy works bigging himself up as director of several sound-alike companies, currently 15 which will be costing him around ?00 a year in companies house fees-he's investing a lot into these fantasies.
  8. As years went by so did Young Gunz, they slowly got bigger and and slowly started to accumulate dubplates ( professional artist bigging up a their sound ) from locals, when they got their first forgien dubplate which was Sean Paul, it been one good thing after another since that and they have never stopped.
  9. The name'Biggin'is said to derive from "'bigging'( Middle English ) A building; later an outbuilding, an outhouse . " In 1820 Biggin was said to have a population of 164 people " BIGGIN, in the parish of Church Fenton, wapentake of Barkston-Ash, liberties of St . Peter and Pontefract; 6 miles SE . of Tadcaster, 7 from Selby, 11 from Pontefract.
  10. In his consumer guide for MSN Music, critic Robert Christgau gave it an A-rating and stated " this is the Saigon and Just Blaze album I've been waiting for since a student tipped me to them five years ago heroic post-gangstaism, with the conscious ex-con forthright as rhymer and rapper and the Jay-Z sideman bigging him up with soul singers and cinematic beats ( and also with Jay-Z ) ".
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