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  1. I caught some bigheads last year that weighed over 70 pounds.
  2. Bighead and silver carp feed by filtering plankton from the water.
  3. Unlike the common carp, bighead carp are primarily filter feeders.
  4. Possession of live bighead carp has been illegal in Illinois since 2005.
  5. Live bighead carp are also banned from sale in Canada.
  6. The bighead goby is a Ponto-Caspian relict species.
  7. Bighead carp are considered a highly destructive invasive species in the United States.
  8. Communities are attempting to contain the spread of the extremely invasive bighead carp.
  9. On the farm, Utah Watkins struggles with his cattle, aided by Bessie Bighead.
  10. Bighead carp are native to the large rivers and associated floodplain lakes of eastern Asia.
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