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  1. His research revolves around roundworms, which do not have kidneys.
  2. As the roundworms decreased, ailments like asthma and allergies grew.
  3. British scientists report that microwave radiation can indirectly damage roundworms.
  4. A64 came down with roundworm, received medication and returned to health.
  5. Trichinosis is caused by an intestinal roundworm found in pigs.
  6. The seeds from the pod are useful for treating Roundworm and Pinworm.
  7. The technique takes advantage of the roundworm's natural defenses against viruses.
  8. Thus proving that the roundworm is transmitted through direct ingestion from contaminated source.
  9. It treats and prevents infections of roundworms in cats.
  10. Raccoons may carry raccoon roundworms, an intestinal parasite.

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