ripened meaning in Hindi

ripened sentence in Hindi
• पकाना
• पक्का
• तैयार करना
• पूरा होना
• प्रौढ़ करना
• पकना
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  1. Girl spoiled before ripened.
    पकने से पहले नष्ट लड़की.
  2. Later , as the acquaintance ripened , his admiration of Tagore knew no bounds .
    जैसे जैसे यह पहचान बढ़ती गई , रवीन्द्रनाथ के लिए उनकी प्रशंसा सीमाएं लांघती चली गई .
  3. Certain ripened soft cheeses such as the camembert, brie, and the blue-veined varieties may contain high levels of listeria.
    कैमेवीयर, ब्री और ब्लु-वेइन्ड जैसे कुछ परिपक्व हुए एवं नरम पनीरों में लिस्टिरिया की अधिक मात्रा हो सकती है।
  4. According to him , mukti and siddhi are two sides of the same medal , mukti representing the state ripened for Being , and siddhi the Being itself .
    उनके अनुसार मुक़्ति और सिद्धि एक ही सिकके के दो पहलू हैं , मुक़्ति अस्तित्व की दिशा में परिपक़्व अवस्था है , और सिद्धि स्वयं अस्तित्व
  5. Although the October Surprise theory had now ripened, it remained the guilty pleasure of die-hard conspiracy theorists. Only when the New York Times on 15 April 1991 devoted an exceptional two-thirds of its opinion page to this thesis did it become a public issue. The author of this article, Gary Sick, brought to the topic an establishment pedigree (navy captain, Columbia University Ph.D., Ford Foundation program officer, Human Rights Watch board member) as well as the credibility of having served as principal White House aide for Iran during the Iranian Revolution and the hostage crisis. Sick alleged that “individuals associated with the Reagan-Bush campaign of 1980 met secretly with Iranian officials to delay the release of the American hostages until after the U.S. election. For this favor, Iran was rewarded with a substantial supply of arms from Israel.” Sick also raised the possibility that George H. W. Bush was one of those Americans, thereby impugning the legitimacy of at least one subsequent Republican president.
    ईरानी (यनर जमशीद हाशमी , अहमद हेदिराई , हाउसंग लैवी, हामिद नकाशान,) अमेरिकी (रिचर्ड बाबेयान,रिचर्ड बेरेंके, विलियम हरमैन, ओसवाल ली विंटर हेनिरिक रप और गुंथर रूसबाचेर ) और तो और दक्षिणी अफ्रीकी ( डिर्क सोटेफेबरग ) के इन लोगों ने न सिर्फ कहानी की पुष्टि की बल्कि इसके समर्थन में उन्होंने कुछ बुश को प्रस्तुत किया जिसके बदौलत यह साबित किया जा सकता है कि ऐसा हुआ होगा ।

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