ripen meaning in Hindi

[ 'raipən ] sound:
ripen sentence in Hindi

• पूर्ण विकास
• पकना
• पकाना
• पक्का
• तैयार करना
• पूरा होना
• प्रौढ़ करना
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  1. Those discussions will probably ripen during the day today in Washington.
  2. Not enough sun, so the tomatoes wouldn't ripen.
  3. Alexander Karpovtsev continued to ripen in a gradual, steady way.
  4. Wine grapes develop their most intriguing flavors when they ripen slowly.
  5. MANGOES : These ripen from the seed outward to the peel.
  6. Even on a given tree, Rainiers ripen at different rates.
  7. They are large and round, turning crimson as they ripen.
  8. As summer deepens, blackberries and wineberries ripen along the path.
  9. You can take them in and gas them to ripen them,
  10. Store at room temperature or in a paper bag to ripen.
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  1. grow ripe; "The plums ripen in July"
  2. cause to ripen or develop fully; "The sun ripens the fruit"; "Age matures a good wine"

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