rejoined meaning in Hindi

rejoined sentence in Hindi
• फिर से शामिल हो जाना
• उत्तर देना
• प्रत्युत्तर देना
• प्रत्युत्तर करना या देना
• फिर मिलना
• फिर मिलाना
• फिर से जोड़ना
• फिर से सम्मिलित होना
• बदले में उत्तर देना
• फिर से शामिल हो जाना
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  1. In 1993, he rejoined the company as chief marketing officer.
  2. Tenney rejoined American troops in Japan and was flown to Okinawa.
  3. Republicans rejoined that the White House was deep into budgetary humbug.
  4. "I knew Jack Kennedy, " rejoined Bentsen.
  5. In October of 1993, Hansen rejoined the mainstream business world.
  6. The Angels were 46-31 since he rejoined the club.
  7. Robinson left the Rams in 1991 and rejoined USC in 1993.
  8. Treyz rejoined ABC in 1956 and was named president in 1957.
  9. He has recovered, and rejoined the Heat this past week.
  10. On Tuesday, NBC announced that Albert has rejoined the network.
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