rejoining meaning in Hindi

rejoining sentence in Hindi
• फिर से शामिल हो जाना
• उत्तर देना
• प्रत्युत्तर देना
• प्रत्युत्तर करना या देना
• फिर मिलना
• फिर मिलाना
• फिर से जोड़ना
• फिर से सम्मिलित होना
• बदले में उत्तर देना
• फिर से शामिल हो जाना
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  1. He missed three games and one practice before rejoining the team.
  2. Rooney probably won't be rejoining Tyson any time soon.
  3. But she has never abandoned her dream of rejoining her parents.
  4. Bolton opposes rejoining Unesco, saying it has not reformed enough.
  5. Ledyard recalled Thursday after his first practice since rejoining the Stars.
  6. There are also moves in the United States towards rejoining UNESCO.
  7. Now he's set to talk about rejoining the NHL.
  8. This was directly relating to her suspension and rejoining the team.
  9. Ahn worked on his fitness before rejoining the squad in March.
  10. Romario said he still has hopes of rejoining the national squad.
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