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• प्रत्युत्तर
• जवाब दावा
• वादी के विषय पत्र का उत्तर जो प्रतिवादी ने दिया हो
• उत्तर
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  1. That kind of range doesn't exactly require a rejoinder.
  2. There was no comment or rejoinder from the other five justices.
  3. Jacobs doesn't have to look far for a rejoinder.
  4. Gore aides said the new business deals were a powerful rejoinder.
  5. Core elements of these criticisms and their rejoinders are listed below.
  6. Brafman provoked a huge laugh from the jury with his quick rejoinder.
  7. Giuliani can barely utter a word without inviting an arch Koch rejoinder.
  8. But Carville was into more than snappy rejoinders directed at Clinton enemies.
  9. O'Neal offered no rejoinder save for the final series tally.
  10. In an ESPN interview on Wednesday, Pippen offered a stinging rejoinder.
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