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  1. It was described as " Redbrick Tudorish " by Nikolaus Pevsner.
  2. The housing includes traditional Baltimore rowhouses built of redbrick and formstone.
  3. The redbrick Singleton Center houses a collection of artist studios and galleries.
  4. This was the first of the redbrick universities to gain university status.
  5. Redbrick . me's Rosie Pooley slated the programme as well.
  6. The imposing redbrick Avon factory has since been demolished.
  7. Powell attributes to Widmerpool a Life Peerage and chancellorship of a redbrick university.
  8. The Crown building was a large redbrick ten-storey building with numerous chimneys.
  9. In the UK a redbrick university is one founded and built in the Victorian era.
  10. It is principally of redbrick with some white stone masonry, surmounted by a cupola.
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  1. of or relating to British universities founded in the late 19th century or the 20th century

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