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razee sentence in Hindi
• खुरचना
• मिटाना
• ढहाना
• नष्ट करना
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  1. Murray served aboard the razee in the Norfolk in 1852-53.
  2. She was a razee privateer of 16 guns and carried a crew of 120 men.
  3. Warren's squadron of three ships of the line and the razee frigate Lord Ranelagh.
  4. His headstone was erected by the Marine Officers and Guard of the United States Razee " Independence ".
  5. The following year he would receive command of the 44-gun razee HMS " Indefatigable " as a result.
  6. He served on the razee in the Brazil Squadron from 1837 to 1838, where he was promoted to lieutenant on March 31, 1838.
  7. The subsequent razee frigate was more heavily armed and built than a typical purpose-built frigate, though was not as fast and easy to handle in strong winds.
  8. Stringham was promoted to captain in 1841, he commanded the razee in the Home Squadron in 1843, then returned to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, serving as Commandant in 1845-46.
  9. After successive moves to Tejgaon Industrial Area, Alia Madrasha ( Bakshi Bazaar ), Polytechnic School and Al-Razee Hospital Building, it is now located at Indira Road, Farmgate, Dhaka.
  10. Dr . Razee Ahmad, an emergency room physician at Newton Regional Hospital, said 60 people were treated there and 12 were taken to Meridian for more serious injuries, mostly cuts from flying glass.
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