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• रेयान
• रेयन
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  1. The mill at Sitka made dissolving pulp used in making rayon.
  2. Men's Hawaiian print rayon shirts cost about $ 65.
  3. But Baroda Rayon is a nobody in the global volumes game.
  4. Cotton and viscose ( rayon ) yarns burn as a wick.
  5. Recommended care for regular viscose rayon is dry-cleaning only.
  6. It classifies the fibre as a sub-category of rayon.
  7. Territory of the rayon is rich for healing plants and springs.
  8. The arrival of Gwalior Rayons caused a rapid change in area.
  9. It is located on Shamkir reservoir in Shamkir Rayon of Azerbaijan.
  10. Lachin district is an administrative rayon in the Republic of Azerbaijan.
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