razes meaning in Hindi

razes sentence in Hindi
• तोड़ना
• नोचना
• मिटाना
• ढहाना
• फाड़ना
• नष्ट करना
• निकाल देना
• गिरा देना
• परास्त करना
• खींच निकालना
• खुरचना
• चुनना
• छीलना
• ढाना
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  1. Israel routinely razes the family homes of militants to deter attacks.
  2. Ex-deputy minister loses two daughters as fire razes house
  3. As the Flash Crash occurs, Hoffmann razes the warehouse.
  4. Titus leads a bloody assault that massacres the rebels and razes the city.
  5. During the meeting, it was decided to create the bishopric of Razes.
  6. Raistlin uses his immense power to summon a massive fire that razes the town.
  7. His combined force of outlaws and serfs eventually breaks through and razes the castle.
  8. Sept . 12 _ Car bomb partially razes Hells Angels clubhouse in Roskilde, Denmark.
  9. Family faces bleak time as blaze razes house
  10. Later on, a Charisian fleet razes Ferayd's waterfront to settle the score.
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