purgatories meaning in Hindi

purgatories sentence in Hindi
• घाटी
• नरक
• यातना
• शुद्ध करना
• अशोधन स्थान
• पापशोधन स्थल
• साफ़ करना
• शोधन स्थान
• कष्ट
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  1. And after six games in purgatory, so was Kevin Johnson.
  2. The nuns taught me that Purgatory is not a nice place.
  3. During his season in purgatory, Brymer became a student again.
  4. Snowmobiling will have to wait for our next visit to Purgatory.
  5. He has spent " A Season in Purgatory ."
  6. Bette Midler and Ken Wahl, a match made in purgatory.
  7. So is purgatory back in the form of a tropical island?
  8. If life is purgatory, at least the pain is real.
  9. Just tell them you work for NPR, National Purgatory Radio.
  10. So purgatory is where people are purified in preparation for heaven.
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