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  1. The prospect of 20 hours of knobs and cogs and compass readings seemed purgatorial.
  2. The doctrine of " purgatorial fire " was typical of medieval Roman Catholic theology.
  3. Williams was spared that purgatorial fate last spring when the Rams acquired him from the Arizona Cardinals.
  4. Many today are discovering that the reformers did an injustice to Early Christian understandings concerning purgatorial restoration.
  5. Many of the other children in Basra's purgatorial hospital were bald and suffering from non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
  6. Apollo, after murdering Python, went to Tarra to be cleansed through purgatorial rituals ministered by the temple priest, Karmanoras.
  7. So Ned hangs in bars with his friends, all of whom lead purgatorial lives of addiction, stifled creativity and total weirdness.
  8. We are back in the world of MTV news, which may come as a relief after the long, purgatorial passage through group therapy.
  9. In the early 5th century, Augustine spoke of the pain that purgatorial fire causes as more severe than anything a man can suffer in this life.
  10. And worse, once Monkeybone comes to life in Stu's purgatorial reality, it's like one of the plush toys he finds so offensive.
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  1. of or resembling purgatory; "purgatorial fires"
  2. serving to purge or rid of sin; "purgatorial rites"

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