panoply meaning in Hindi

panoply sentence in Hindi
• आड़
• कवच
• ठाट-बाट
• धूमधाम
• पनाह
• रक्षा
• हिफ़ाज़त
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  1. He also took on Dole on a panoply of issues.
  2. Tea time offers a whole new panoply of romantic possibilities.
  3. They attract a panoply of important actors by offering them challenging roles.
  4. The parallel civil registration bestows a panoply of secular benefits and responsibilities.
  5. "There's a whole panoply of reasons,"
  6. Bad guy using a panoply of four-letter words?
  7. Media reports have presented a panoply of solutions, although always sourced anonymously.
  8. Some advertisers are opting for a panoply of references.
  9. The movie lacks Dickens'multilayered social themes and rich panoply of characters.
  10. NATO has a panoply of aircraft designed for finding and destroying such vehicles.
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  1. a complete and impressive array

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