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  1. He wears braces on his teeth, to correct an overbite.
  2. He had a slight overbite and close-cropped gray hair.
  3. Still, life was not all friendly barter over booze and overbites.
  4. Bayakoa had an overbite and her front feet pointed out.
  5. And she still purses her lips to hide an overbite.
  6. She had little hands, little feet and an overbite.
  7. Rather an absent or excess overbite would be a malocclusion.
  8. And he has an overbite and so do I.
  9. That slight palatial overbite _ it gets to me.
  10. He also has a massive overbite and buck teeth.
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  1. (dentistry) malocclusion in which the upper teeth extend abnormally far over the lower teeth

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