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  1. Others have cracked under the sheer weight of fruit, as Kieffers tend to overbear.
  2. She seems to have accomplished the very difficult task of writing emotions without letting them overbear the original feeling.
  3. Its effortless clarity offers no resistance; it does not instruct, moralize or overbear; it does not get in the way.
  4. It is another matter when prosecutors, who are officers of the court, overbear a young woman to keep her from calling her lawyer.
  5. Although the Tsar was touched by the Ambassador's devotion, he allowed his wife's malevolent attitudes to overbear the sensible advice he had been given.
  6. Brit Music Scene's Dave Parrack stated that the song " shows off her style really well, allowing her to sing around a catchy bassline which accentuates rather than overbears her voice ".
  7. Thus, it is for the courts of all countries to strike a balance between well-intentioned parental authority to arrange marriages in the face of a reluctant child, and unreasonable threats that would overbear the will of any reasonable person, while maintaining the trust of local communities whose cultures have included arranged marriages for centuries.
  8. Before " Friendship Improved " there is a dedicatory epistle, written from Londonderry ( to Edward Coke of Norfolk ), in which the author refers to his failing health : " My Muse is confined at present to a weak and sickly tenement; and the winter season will go near to overbear her, together with her household . " In John Nichols's " Collection of Poems " are preserved some verses written by Hopkins " about an hour before his death ".
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