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  1. This paper was famously attacked by touchstones for the debate over evidentialism, faith, and overbelief.
  2. Generally, acts of overbelief are justified on emotional need or faith, and a need to makes sense of spiritual experience, rather than on empirical evidence.
  3. James'" The Will to Believe " and William K . Clifford's essay " The Ethics of Belief " are touchstones for many contemporary debates over evidentialism, faith, and overbelief.
  4. "' Overbelief "'( also written as " " over-belief " " ) is a philosophical term for a belief adopted that requires more evidence than one presently has.
  5. For James, a typical example of an overbelief would be R . W . Trine's contention that " The great central fact of the universe is that spirit of infinite life and power that is back of all, that manifests itself in and through all . " James acknowledges that his own over-beliefs are so minimal that to some religious believers they may seem like " under-beliefs ".

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