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  1. Alien amazon one day, mousy, oppressed housewife the next.
  2. Compounding the problem is an overly mousy performance by Brent Carver.
  3. :: The term " mousy " is usually about personality.
  4. He's the one with the mousy gray mustache.
  5. He changes from a mousy scientist to a celebrated playboy.
  6. In many movies of the 1940s, the mousy heroine transforms herself.
  7. Her trademark blond hair had been dyed a mousy brown.
  8. She has mousy brown hair and likes to be fashionable.
  9. Disney wanted walls that said Mickey without being mousy.
  10. Back then she was a quiet, mousy girl.
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  1. infested with mice
  1. quiet and timid and ineffectual
  2. of something having a drab pale brown color resembling a mouse; "a mousy brownish-grey color"; "mousy hair"; "mouse-colored hair"
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