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  1. White-bearded and moustached, Dickson often wore a cowboy hat.
  2. Jowled and moustached, the Polish attacker had a Ch�teauroux in the second division.
  3. They are presumably related to the Moustached tamarin.
  4. The blue-moustached bee-eater is a rainforest bird usually found singly.
  5. The video for the song featured a bushy-moustached cowboy in Las Vegas.
  6. These objects depict a moustached man wearing a helmet that features two head-ornaments.
  7. An alternative name is the "'moustached parakeet "'depending on subspecies.
  8. After a while the moustached groom even lounged dreamily with his head cradled in his wife's lap.
  9. For the past three years, the husky moustached Tejero has been allowed to spend most days away from prison.
  10. Zatar, 42, moustached and bemused, watched it all with an expression that seems perpetually on the cusp of a smile.
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