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  1. It has been found in Mousterian flint carvings and Roman pottery.
  2. From 1911 on, Mousterian was Middle Paleolithic, except for holdouts.
  3. The skull was unearthed along with artifacts described as Mousterian tool assemblage.
  4. This a period that follows after the Acheulian but before the Mousterian.
  5. Aside from cave paintings, Mousterian tools were also found.
  6. Some Golden Mousterian pieces were found further down the slope.
  7. The site also yielded Mousterian tools and traces of hearths.
  8. The caves contained hominin remains as well as Mousterian and Acheulean artifacts.
  9. Consequently, specialists consider this Mousterian to be an " Eastern Charentian.
  10. The remains of stone tools in this stratum are of Mousterian age.
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