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मिथ्या कथन करना
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  1. The article also misstated the location of Portage County, Ohio.
  2. The governor's news release misstates the facts ."
  3. Friday, Eckels said, " I misstated ."
  4. The article also misstated the timing of Pipeline's acquisition.
  5. A Boston Globe article misstated the name of the Omaha newspaper.
  6. The article also misstated the circulation of The Democrat-Reporter.
  7. They misstated the timing of the shots that killed the president.
  8. The article also misstated the background of Labor Secretary Alexis Herman.
  9. The article also misstated a Federal Aviation Administration requirement for pilots.
  10. The chart also misstated the amount of oil produced in Alaska.
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  1. state something incorrectly; "You misstated my position"

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