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  1. What's the vaule of youth if not to misspend?
  2. What's the value of youth if not to misspend?
  3. Sanctions should be imposed against Medicaid contractors that misspend the public money, the auditor recommended.
  4. Wealthy nations are cutting aid budgets in part because they argue the United Nations misspends its funds.
  5. I wanted to get back to the stuff I misspend money on right now, not hypothetical future squanderings.
  6. But hopefully they won't misspend ours _ or we'll have to transmogrify them ."
  7. It is certainly possible to misspend your money and end up with a sound system compromised by a weak link.
  8. A second possible point of agreement is that we should no longer give money to governments we know will steal or misspend it.
  9. But as a matter of law they are entitled to some compensation for their travails and if they misspend it, so be it.
  10. Salinas had claimed that a law passed by congress in 1985 making it illegal to misspend money from the secret fund was unconstitutional because it violated presidential privilege.
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