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  1. Brodhead was acquitted of all charges except misspending the recruiting money.
  2. He said he left the group before any of the misspending began.
  3. The party accused them of violating their impartiality and of misspending council funds.
  4. Misspending left no money for maintenance and spare parts.
  5. Yet they are misspending as if Pedro in decline can lift them to the top.
  6. As in other countries, the defense department was good for several cases of misspending.
  7. Wilhelm said the union's misspending was prevalent in businesses and other institutions in society.
  8. Foreign aid has been frozen in recent years because of concerns over misspending in the Moi government.
  9. In his own defense, Shaath insisted that the legislators were misguided in accusing him of misspending.
  10. It was a legislative commission that found misspending of about $ 326 million by Arafat's ministers.
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