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• रैखिक त्वरित्र
• लाइनेक
• लाइनैक
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  1. The LINAC produces a reliable, flexible and accurate radiation beam.
  2. For this reason, many high energy electron accelerators are linacs.
  3. The next stage of acceleration is linear particle accelerator ( linac ).
  4. The linac first 200 MeV beam started on December 1, 1970.
  5. In 1984, Betti and Derechinsky described a Linac-based radiosurgical system.
  6. Today, both Gamma Knife and Linac radiosurgery programs are commercially available worldwide.
  7. As such, impractically long linac structures were required for higher-energy particles.
  8. Linear accelerators ( " linacs " ) accelerate elementary particles along a straight path.
  9. With a Linac, the gantry moves in space to change the delivery angle.
  10. The ATLAS linac section contains 62 resonators, each one of seven different type.
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  1. ions are accelerated along a linear path by voltage differences on electrodes along the path
    synonyms:linear accelerator

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