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• चूनेदार
• चिपचिपा
• चेपदार
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  1. Their dead, limy skeletons form the most important rock : Wetterstein limestone.
  2. A prograding shoreline laid down muddy delta sediments which mixed with limy marine deposits.
  3. This layer contains fossil shells and limy sands.
  4. It is a limy mountain of difficult ascension.
  5. The soil is limy, sandy gravel,
  6. These hardy plants can be found in shady spots of limestone ledges and limy forest places.
  7. The overlying Southerndown Beds are blue / grey conglomeratic limestones and limy sandstones with thin shale partings.
  8. The Scots pine plays the same part in the other peninsular mountains, both siliceous and limy.
  9. Shrub ecosystems take up the steep parts of the park in places with thin topsoil layers over limy rockbase.
  10. Thin-bedded limestones of the Bone Spring Formation accumulated as limy ooze in the stagnant deepest part of the basin.
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