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• दीप्तिमान
• चमकता हुआ
• उज्ज्वल
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  1. In the 1795 96 campaign, his troops defeated Fran�ois de Charette's insurgents near Saint-Fulgent and forced them to flee.
  2. It isn't in a rush it's 155 minutes long and maturely paced, all pauses and glances and fulgent moments of insight.
  3. In the final blow, Charette mauled the " Sables d'Olonne " division under Jean Quirin de Mieszkowski in the Battle of Saint-Fulgent on 22 September.
  4. When he made 1994's " The Underneath, " an under-seen remake of 1949's " Criss Cross, " the fulgent palette and stylistic devices seemed like a break in form.
  5. "Marrying an abstract distinctly English landscape sensibility that draws on Patrick Heron and Ivon Hitchens with the fierce transatlantic colourism of Hans Hofmann and Nicolas de Sta�l's velvety tachism, Hoida arrives at an intensely personal synthesis, resonating with landscape feeling . " Or as Alan Gouk puts it " his colour is not just thought up in the studio as part of some " non-referential " building kit " or AG again, as above " & . persist, nonetheless, in trying to render fulgent the fuliginous, to make clear things that are tacit and cloudy, that have no name until painted & . . "  . . . earthy and realistic, or realistic to the spirit of lyrical or lovely or moody feeling . . .  ) .  Hoida's is of a more lyrical, European form of Abstract Expressionism.


  1. shining intensely; "the blazing sun"; "blinding headlights"; "dazzling snow"; "fulgent patterns of sunlight"; "the glaring sun"
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