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• फल्गूराइट
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  1. Their intended destinations included Thielsen, which was climbed and sampled for its fulgurite variant.
  2. Glass that forms when lightning hits sand, as in the film, is called fulgurite.
  3. He ended up being accidentally struck with lightning by Electro, temporarily turning him into fulgurite.
  4. The spire-like shape of Thielsen attracts lightning strikes and creates fulgurite, an unusual mineral.
  5. :Oh, and yes & mdash; lightning can indeed fuse sand into glass; see fulgurite.
  6. Unfortunately, as well as pottery, these can easily be caused by lightning strikes-see fulgurite.
  7. The volcano was not analyzed until 1884, when a team from the United States Geological Survey sampled its fulgurite deposits.
  8. A fulgurite was found within the contents of the ash altar at the temple ( hieron ) of Lykaian Zeus at Mt.
  9. In this case, the extreme and immediate heat of the lightning ( ~ 2500 �C ) creates hollow, branching rootlike structures called fulgurite via fusion.
  10. Fulgurites have been classified by Pasek et al . ( 2012 ) into five types related to the type of sediment in which the fulgurite formed, as follows:
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