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• कौंध
• फल्गुरेशन
• विद्युतदहन
• विद्युत्दहन
• विध्युतदहन
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  1. Fulguration is a superficial type of coagulation, typically created by arcing modulated high voltage current to tissue that is rapidly desiccated and coagulated.
  2. In fulguration mode, the electrode is held away from the tissue, so that when the air gap between the electrode and the tissue is ionized, an electric arc discharge develops.
  3. While the processes of vaporization / cutting and desiccation / coagulation are best accomplished with relatively low voltage, continuous or near continuous waveforms, the process of fulguration is performed with relatively high voltage modulated waveforms.
  4. Further steps depend on circumstances : a woman without infertility can be managed with hormonal medication that suppresses the natural cycle and pain medication, while an infertile woman may be treated expectantly after surgery, with fertility medication, or with IVF . As to the surgical procedure, ablation ( or fulguration ) of endometriosis ( burning and vaporizing the lesions with an electric device ) has shown a high rate of short-term recurrence after the procedure.

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