fruit belt meaning in Hindi

fruit belt sentence in Hindi

• फल मेखला
• फ्रूट बेल्ट
fruit:    फल संतति सन्तान
belt:    इलाका कमरबंद
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  1. The " Fruit Belt Line " and the Frisco line between Rogers and Fayetteville.
  2. The Fruit Belt ( also called the Traverse City hosts the National Cherry Festival each July.
  3. Fruit Belts are prominent around the North American Great Lakes region, notably West Michigan and western West Coast.
  4. It is located along the southern shore of Lake Ontario and lies within the fruit belt of the Niagara Peninsula.
  5. This temperature buffering produces areas known as " fruit belts ", where fruit can be produced that is typically grown much farther south.
  6. The area supplies a large number of mangoes to the country, and has been declared fruit belt by the government of Uttar Pradesh.
  7. By the early 20th century, the fruit belt of northwest and western Michigan was producing more than 50 commercial varieties of apples, authorities say.
  8. Throughout Lincoln, the QEW travels along the Lake Ontario shoreline through the Niagara Fruit Belt; numerous wineries line the south side of the freeway.
  9. Rich farmland in the area made temperate by Lake Michigan is called the Fruit Belt, and Coloma is located in the Lake Michigan Shore American Viticultural Area.
  10. For years the Jaeckles lived in the house Jacob built at 26 Lemon St . in the " Fruit Belt " of citrus-named streets in the German Near East Side of Buffalo.
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