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  1. The species is frugivorous, feeding on a variety of fruits.
  2. Danielle McMullen, 14, Perth, N . Y . _ frugivorous
  3. Frugivorous bats usually do not consume foods rich in protein.
  4. The shape of their faces has been correlated to their frugivorous diet.
  5. The species is mostly frugivorous and feeds on large fruit.
  6. Frugivorous birds such as pigeons, figbirds and parrots consume its fruit.
  7. As with all gibbons, they are arboreal and frugivorous.
  8. Mammals are considered frugivorous if the seed is dispersed and able to establish.
  9. They are mainly frugivorous and forage in the canopy of dense hill forests.
  10. In Hawaii the seeds are dispersed by frugivorous animals.
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